To define your availabilities, you must first synchronise Lodago with Google Calendar, Office 365 or Outlook Calendar in the "Calendar Sync & Availabilities" tab of your Lodago account or from your CRM when you install Lodago if you use Lodago from your CRM.

Then, the software will propose by itself the availabilities you have on your calendar.

In Google Calendar, you have to define your recurrent unavailabilities (i.e. define the time slots when you are not working). Here are the steps to follow: 

o In your Google Calendar click on "Create".

o Click on "Event". 

o Create an event that covers your unavailability (e.g. if you end your day at 6pm and resume at 9am, create an event that goes from 6pm in the evening to 9am the next day)

o Click on the drop-down menu "Once only"

o Click on "Every week on Monday"

o Click on 'Save'.

o Then click on your event 

o Click on the three small dots 

o Click on "Duplicate".

o Select another day on which you want to set an unavailability

o Click on "Save"

o Repeat the operation as many times as necessary