Yes, the way you set the duration of a meeting depends on how your prospect makes an appointment with you: from an email sent from your CRM/software using Lodago or from a booking link.

You can click here to find out how to set the duration of each appointment.

When you propose an appointment by email, you select the duration of the appointment in the drop-down menu of the Lodago editor.

If the appointment is made through a booking link available for example in the signature of your email, on your website or in the automatic emails sent from your automation platform, you will be able to set in your Lodago account the appointment duration associated with each link. For example, you can have a booking link that offers 15 minute appointments and another booking link that offers 30 minute appointments. 

To do this, go to your Lodago account in the "Calendar/Email integration & Booking links" tab. There you will find an infinite number of booking links and for each of these links you can set in one click the proposed appointment duration.