You can access the following KPIs from the "KPIs" tab of your Lodago account:

- Number of emails sent, 

- Number of opened emails, 

- Number of unique openings of your emails,

- Number of openings of your emails,

- Opening rate,

- Number of unique clicks,

- Number of clicks,

- Click rate,

- Percentages of opening of your emails on different media (computer, phone or tablet). 

You also have access to statistics by domain.

This is the set of KPIs available above, according to the domain name of your recipients. For example, let's say you sent:

  • 1 email to and 1 email to, 
  • 1 email to and 1 email to, 
  • 1 email to and 

The domain name is "", "" and "". 

You will be able to have all the KPIs for each domain name. For example, let's say that opened your email but did not open your email, your unique open rate will be 50%.

This allows you to know the domains where your emails are best delivered, received and read by your prospects. It also allows you to detect a problem of deliverability (when emails end up in spam or are never received). For example, if you see that your KPIs are particularly low for a company, it could mean that your emails rarely end up in their inbox. You can then implement actions to remedy this problem.


You also have the possibility to download these KPIs as a CSV file sent to your email address. If you have an administrator’s license, you can also access the KPIs of your teams via the "License KPIs" tab of your Lodago account.