The recipient of the email can choose a time slot from your availability directly within the email. The recipient can then interact within the email. 

Once your recipient has chosen a time slot, a confirmation message will appear within the email and then they will receive a confirmation email. If the appointment is a video conference, the confirmation email will contain the link to the video conference.

The interaction in the email works through AMP and Actionable Messages technologies. AMP is a new computer language proposed by Google since 2015 and usable for email since 2019. For emails, this language allows new functionalities that were previously impossible. AMP email is also called dynamic email. The Actionable Messages language is the equivalent of AMP. We use both languages to enable email interaction with a wider range of users.  

With 10 years of experience in email marketing and after 2 years of research and development, we are the first solution to use both languages for appointment setting.