Your DNS functions as your electronic signature, ensuring that Gmail/Outlook recognizes you as the email sender. Setting up your DNS also improves your email deliverability, with more messages being received by your recipients and fewer being marked as spam. 

To set up your DNS email signatures, please follow these steps.

1. Log in to your account.

2. Find the menu that allows you to access your domain name.

3. Select your domain name to access the domain settings page.

4. Go to the page that allows you to set up your DNS.

5. In your records, look for a value that contains the word dmarc. If dmarc exists: go to step Otherwise go to step 6.

6. Set up DMARC: add a record.

7. Fill in the following values:

Type: Select TXT as the type of record to add.

Host: Host: Enter "_dmarc.domainname". You need to replace [domainname] with your domain name.

For example:

For the domain, the value will be:

For the domain, the value will be:

For the domain, the value will be:

TXT Value: « v=DMARC1 ; p=none ; ».

TTL: Leave this value as it is by default.

8. Save this record.

Also, we have created several easy step by step guides, depending on the site you use to host your domain name. You can find more details here.