Please note that this question is only for admin users

Admin users can add three types of on-site meeting locations to a global event: Private meeting rooms away from the booth;  Private meeting rooms at the booth; and Open tables at the booth.

  1. When creating a new global event, navigate to the TABLES section.
  2. To begin adding tables or meeting rooms, click the 'Add tables' link.
  3. Then, specify the number of tables or meeting rooms and their seating capacity for each type. You can add as many tables and meeting rooms as needed for your event. 
  4. Click the CONFIRM button to finalize your entries. Lodago will then display a table with your meeting rooms and time slots. 

For a more detailed dive into this, refer to our video on < Setting Up A Global Event >

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us here or schedule a call.