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In the post-event report, you'll have access to detailed analytics, including:

  • Main analytics such as accepted, pending, and declined meetings.
  • Attendance analytics for internal attendees, including checked-in meetings.
  • Details on external attendees, such as the number who attended the event.
  • Information on how attendees engaged with the event, such as which meetings were accepted, declined, or canceled.

Additionally, the post-event report provides analytics based on:

  • Internal attendees, external attendees, companies, and meeting types.
  • Meeting objectives.
  • Attendee engagement details, including the number of meetings and attendees, check-ins, no-shows, and canceled meetings.
  • Overall, the post-event report gives you a comprehensive view of your event's performance. It provides detailed analytics that enables you to evaluate attendee engagement and better understand your event's impact.

For further explanation, refer to our video on < Retrieving Post-Event Reports >