Please note that this question is only for admin users

When setting up a global event, you will find two columns in the CRM AND LODAGO SYNCHRONIZATION section. One for ‘when requesting a new meeting’ and another for ‘when requesting a new event’

The difference between ‘new meetings’ and ‘new events’ in the CRM synchronization section is as follows:

- New meetings refer to when an internal attendee or an admin sets up a meeting with a specific company. 

For example, if an account executive named James wants to schedule a meeting with executives from FedEx, he would use     the "new meetings" option. All the relevant information about the meeting with FedEx is filled in using this option.

- New events involve using an event calendar that can be shared through various channels such as email campaigns, social media platforms like LinkedIn, websites, or in-person events. The purpose of using "new events" is to maximize the number of meetings by sharing availability with a larger audience.

It allows admins or internal attendees to share availability that is not specific to a particular company but rather aims to generate a higher volume of meetings.