Please note that this question is only for internal attendee users

To find the location of a meeting:

  1. Navigate to the Global Events tab in the left menu.
  2. Select your specific global event name link. 
  3. Upon clicking on the Global event name, you will have a clear view of all event-related details. 
  4. Select the ‘List of all meetings’ view. Here you will be able to view a list of meetings with all the meeting details including the location. . 
  5. You can click on the Pen icon ( Edit Meeting Details) in the last column, to access further details about your meetings. Here you will be able to Update Location of the meeting too.

Note : You will be able to enjoy three distinct views for each Global Event and once you click on any specific event, you get to know all about it. 

Calendar view: Displays your accepted meetings daily.

List of all meetings: Provides an overview of meetings you're involved in, you’ve requested, or stems from events you've created.

Event list: Grants access to events you're involved in or have created related to MWC.