Yes, you can adjust your availability for different types of appointments by creating a specific event for each type of meeting, and adding specific availabilities for each of these events:

1. Log in to your Lodago account on your browser

2. Go to the Events tab in your Lodago account

3. Click on CREATE NEW EVENT to begin setting up your event

4. Fill in all the necessary event details

5. Click on Specific availability options and define your general availability options for this event: 

  • Minimum time before someone can book a meeting with you (to avoid last-minute meetings)
  • Number of weeks to display in your real-time calendar
  • Time break before & Time break after your appointments

6. Click on Specific days and time options and define your availabilities for this event:

  • Event start and end dates
  • Timezone for this event
  • Click on Activate specific meeting hours for this event to set up the days and hours you wish to be available for this specific event

7. Click on Save

Once you have created an event for each type of meeting, you can send the appropriate booking link or event hashtag to the relevant participants.