Please note that this question is only for admin users

You can customize the timing of automated email reminders to your preference for both external and internal attendees. For example, you can set a reminder to be sent 1 hour before the meeting for external attendees, and one 15 minutes before the meeting for internal attendees.

  1. Navigate to the EMAIL REMINDER section on the event setup page. 
  2. Simply choose your meeting reminder sequence time(s) and apply these times to internal attendees and/or external attendees by checking the allocated box. 
  3. Additionally, admins have the option to allow the requester of the meeting (when they are an internal attendee) to override the meeting reminder sequence.
  4. If the admin user selects Yes for this option, the requester can override the reminder sequence. If the admin user selects No, internal attendees will not be able to override the admin’s selection.

It is important to note that admin users always have the authority to overwrite the automated reminder selection, regardless of the settings chosen by the organizer of the global event.

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